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Joey Gallo becomes First Player in MLB History to Hit 100 HRs before 100 Singles

On May 8th, Joey Gallo stepped into the batter’s box to face Nick Kingham. Gallo prior to his at-bat with Kingham had 99 career HRs and had never faced Kingham in his career. This would not stop Gallo from hitting his 100th career HR.

During this at-bat, Joey Gallo becomes the 1st player in MLB history to hit his 100th career HR before their 100th career single. Gallo has 93 career singles and now 100 career HRs. The next closest player to hit his 100th career HR was Russell Branyan but Branyan had 172 career singles when he hit his 100th career HR.

That was not the only record Gallo broke on Wednesday afternoon. Gallo also became the fastest player in American League history to hit 100 career HRs. Gallo only needed 377 career games to hit the milestone, this also puts Gallo as the third fastest player to hit 100 career HRs. Ryan Howard (325 career games) and Ralph Kiner (376 career games) are the only two players to reach this feat quicker than Gallo. Gallo beat out Mark McGwire who accomplished his 100th career HR at 393 career games.

Gallo has been accomplishing many 1st and breaking records along the way this season, but also earlier this season Gallo hit his first career sacrifice fly! It only took Gallo 1,337 plate appearances! Crazy isn’t it?

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