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How the Miami Dolphins have impacted more than 119 high schools and over 5,000 students, coaches and parents this off-season

The Miami Dolphins have always made sure to give back and to always make sure they leave an impact on as many people as possible in the community, and this year was no different.

Throughout the 2019 off-season, Dolphins made sure to visit several high schools and interact with students, coaches and also parents. Below is a brief description provided by the Miami Dolphins of the Team Visits they had in 2019.

TEAM VISITS: As part of the Miami Dolphins’ commitment to the development of the high school and youth football, the team invited 26 high school and youth teams and more than 1,000 student-athletes and coaches from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties to the team’s organized team activities, minicamp and training camp practices.

These visits can be life-changing for any student or person who requires any type of motivation. Meeting and listening to advise from player and coaches who have been in the shoes these student-athletes are in now can benefit them greatly.

Ranging from providing media day to high school students to donating equipment to schools in need, even helping the coaches perfect their craft with coaches clinics, here are a list of events to go along with the team visits the Dolphins had this off-season.


Miami Dolphins 7th Annual HS Media Day

The Miami Dolphins allowed high school student to get to know the feeling of being interviewed by the media. This can be great practice for athletes who plan on pursuing their dreams and great practice to start being a professional off the field.


Equipment Donations – Miami Dolphins donated equipment this off-season to numerous schools in need of new equipment. “This is the greatest thing that could happen. We had no pads; were working on air. The only thing we had were five garbage cans that were left, so that’s what we’ve been practicing with for the last few months,” said Edison Senior High School Head Football Coach Luther Campbell.

Miami Dolphins provide equipment to local high schools.

COACHES CLINIC-  For the 7th consecutive season, Miami Dolphins opened their doors to head coaches all across South Florida. It is a great opportunity for coaches to interact, network and gains knowledge.

Head Coach Brian Flores addresses Head Coaches during the Coaches Clinic.

NIKE 11-ON-11 

Miami Dolphins host Nike 11-on-11





and much more.

All photos are provided by the Miami Dolphins and solely use to press release purposes. All photos are copyrighted by the Miami Dolphins.

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